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Hello world!

I'll let you all in a secret.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

But that's okay. I won't be able to improve if I don't start somewhere.

So let's start here.

I've been terminally online since about 1998 but I've never had a blog before. It feels like a language of it's own, just like tweets and message board posts are their own worlds with their own rules and conventions. I think this is a good enough starting point, but I'm sure there's going to be a lot of experimentation needed as I come to grips with what exactly it is that I want to accomplish here.

So what is it that I want to accomplish? Well, as I go through my journey of getting my debut novel published, I want to have some sort of a recorded trail of what happens for my own sake if nothing else.

It's funny in a sad way that as I watched my kids grow there were many moments I was sure I would remember forever; photographically burned into my memory. But that's not how memories work, at least not for my scattered brain, and so they're lost.

The only thing I remember is that I was sure I would never forget.

If I had kept a diary then I would have been able to revisit those moments in a way the random pictures or snippets of video saved in the cloud just aren't able to preserve. Words are powerful that way. That I didn't do this is a minor regret in the grand scheme of things, but, dear reader, if there is one thing that I would ask you to take away from this ramble... it's keep a diary!

And this blog will be me following my own advice.

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